DUBLIN LAUNCH of 'Blockchain Ireland Week'

Dear BlockDub Member, BlockDub is delighted to announce their support of ‘Blockchain Ireland Week’ which is to be held from May 24th - 31st DUBLIN LAUNCH OF 'BLOCKCHAIN IRELAND WEEK' March 21st at 3PMIF YOU WANT TO ATTEND REGISTER IN THE LINK BELOW AGENDA 3:00 - 3.30: Networking3:30 - 3:40: Welcome and Intro to Blockchain Ireland3:40 - 4:00: Blockchain Ireland Week and a trip around Ireland by zoom (Cork,Sligo)4:00 - 4:10: CTA - Want to get involved. Register an event for Blockchain Ireland Week4:10 - 4:30 Networking & Close ***FYI***Blockchain Ireland Week will be launching nationwide March 21st @3PMCORK LAUNCH AND SLIGO LAUNCH --------------------------------------------------------ABOUT BLOCKCHAIN IRELAND WEEK TL;DR: Register your event for 'Blockchain Ireland Week and Book ticket for nationwide launch of #BlockchainIrelandWeek Dublin, Cork, Sligo HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED IN BLOCKCHAIN IRELAND WEEKBlockDub is delighted to announce their support of ‘Blockchain Ireland Week’ which is to be held from May 24th - 31st 2019, with events countrywide. Members are presented with the opportunity to host their own events across the following engagement tracks: Corporate, Developer, Design, Social Impact and Startups/Entrepreneur. Events can drive awareness and reinforce the relevance and impact of key blockchain players within Ireland, and may include talks, workshops, and office hours and so on. All events should be submitted as early as possible via the link Register your event for 'Blockchain Ireland Week and will be included in the Calendar and Website. Please note that only live events with an active Eventbrite or alternative registration page will be admitted to the calendar.Register your event for 'Blockchain Ireland Week' The mission of Blockchain Ireland Week powered by Blockchain Ireland is to bring together and grow the blockchain ecosystem in Ireland. Blockchain Ireland Week will bring entrepreneurs, developers and corporate leaders together over 7 days this May to build momentum and opportunities in blockchain across the island of Ireland. The closing date for event submission is April 30th 2019.‘Blockchain Ireland Week’ - Nationwide Launch March 21st 2019We are delighted to announce the launch of #BlockchainIrelandWeek. Come join us at one of our 3 launch events Dublin, Cork, Sligo ***FAQs***Do all events have to be about Blockchain?Blockchain is a very broad topic, events should have a thematic link to blockchain and offer relevancy from a content perspective. For example, blockchain can be discussed under a vertical or as a potential solution to a business problem. Should I charge for my event?All events are community focused so we recommend all events are free to attend. Why should I host an event for Blockchain Ireland Week?To position your company as a key player in the Irish blockchain scene, to help promote blockchain as a career option, and to help grow the knowledge of the ecosystem. You could also be highlighting operative blockchain solutions to showcase the maturity of the technology. How big does the event have to be?Example of types of events are panel discussions, roundtables, technology workshops. Capacity of event will depend on the space available to you. How can I get help with promoting the event?Tag @BlockIreland and use #BlockchainIrelandWeek and we can use the group Social channels to share and promote events.What is the deadline for submitting an event to be included in the calendar?

Thursday, March 21 at 8:00am to 9:30am

ConsenSys Ireland (48 Ringsend Rd, Dublin, Ireland)

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